• Ahmet Arslan: Shipbuilding sector receives 2.8 billion dollars of investment in 15 years

Ahmet Arslan: Shipbuilding sector receiv...

Ahmet Arslan: Shipbuilding sector receives 2.8 billion dollars of investment in 15 years

 Ahmet Arslan: Shipbuilding sector receives 2.8 billion dollars of investment in 15 years 

Having delivered a speech in Yalova, Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication Ahmet Arslan launched the passenger and vehicle ship built for Kenya at Özata Shipyard. Arslan stated that 2.8 billion dollars of investment has been made in the shipbuilding sector in the last 15 years. "30,000 people are being employed in our shipyards. With the sub-industry, this figure reaches 90,000. It means that 500,000 people make their livings on this sector."

The launching ceremony was held at Özata Shipyard in Altınova District of Yalova.  The passenger and vehicle ship named "M/V Jambo" built in Özata Shipyard for the Republic of Kenya was launched to the sea.  Planned to serve at the Mombasa Port, the ship was built from fully-welded steel construction material.  The ship has a length of 84 meters, a width of 18 meters and carrying capacity of 62 vehicles. It is able to carry 400 people at the same time.


During his speech at the ceremony, the Minister Arslan said that the annual turnover of the shipbuilding sector is 2.5 billion dollars.  "Maritime is an international sector and our country continues to grow, advance and provide employment in this sector since 2008 while the world has been facing a serious crisis.  We are talking about a growth of 2.5 billion dollars.  This includes export, maintenance, repair, domestic production, sub-industry and ship recycling industry."

Arslan also mentioned that they aim much higher employment figures in the sector and said "The number of shipyards has reached 79 from 35-36, but this sector failed to meet the growth beyond our expectations due to the crisis in the world.  It has been experiencing stagnation in the recent years. Despite the crisis in the world, even going around in circles is a success and important point for us.  Only the direct employment is 17,000 in this area.  Considering the sub-industry and indirect employment, it is much bigger than that. Therefore, the employment figure in our shipyards is 30,000, which reaches 90,000 with the sub-industry.  This means employment and source of living for 500,000.


Arslan said that the shipbuilding sector received 2.8 billion dollars of investment in 15 years and continued:  

"We gladly see that the sector is renewing and improving itself.  Important expansions, important moves are being made to get more shares from the world through quite different production techniques and shipbuilding types.  Hence, the ship we have built for Kenya is a good example for that.  The amount of investments made in this sector is 2.8 billion dollars in the last 15 years.  This is an important figure.  The number of shipyards reached 79 from 35.  We have 585 boat building places, an annual steel processing capacity of 700,000 tons, and an annual shipbuilding capacity of 4.5 million DWT.  Still, we are talking about Turkey, a country with a docking capacity of 2 million DWT.  It has an annual maintenance and repair capacity of 21 million DWT.  250 million Turkish Liras of surety has been provided for 20 ships of 10 firms within its own guarantee fund.  Also, this sector´s ship investments moved from the 2nd Zone incentives to the 5th Zone investments.  The ship investments have been secured with a loan guarantee fund."  Minister Arslan added that they will continue to support and develop this sector.


Following his speech, a ribbon was cut during the launching ceremony.  Minister Arslan, Yalova Governor Tuğba Yılmaz, and Özata Shipyard´s Chair of Board of Directors cut the ribbon.